I specialize in taking you from good to great, prepping for college entrance to auditions for The Voice, AGT, American Idol, Broadway, music videos, studio work, developing your Cabaret Act, concert or YouTube releases. 

Whether on a Pro or Discovery track, choose from the following lesson plans that best fit your budget and goals. 

 Discounts are applied for 13-week sessions, with payment options: in full , 2x or 3x in addition to regular rates a la carte.  Contact me to discuss your individual needs, and we will find a plan that works for you! or text 818-220-6337 
Online – Onsite – Hybrid Options from Woodland Hills Studio

 Online Options: FaceTime – Facebook Video Chat – Zoom – Google Meets 

13 One Hour Weekly Private Lessons
3 Masterclasses - Cabaret Show

13 weeks - November 29, 2021 to February 27, 2022
$ 1,350
This package gives you 13 weekly 1 hour private lessons, three discounted 3 hour monthly masterclasses with one-on-one coaching, and a Cabaret Showcase at Miceli's Restaurant in Universal City, CA (subject to change), with no extra charge for pianist fees for all three masterclasses and the showcase.


1. You've got a strong passion for singing or acting or both and want to reach your highest potential!
2. You have a serious acting, recording artist, Broadway or commercial singing goal (FILM, TV, Broadway, AGT-THE VOICE-AMERICAN IDOL-GRAMMY-TONY). You want to take the BIG PLUNGE into the biz!
3. You're already a PRO, in the business with specific career goals or want to keep your skills fresh and alive for your next gig or audition!

Masterclasses and showcase are required and included in the pricing.

                  TUITION DISCOUNT OPTIONS!!!


(13 - 1 hour lessons + 3 monthly masterclasses, 1 Cabaret show)

TWO-PAYMENT OPTION - $1,150 ($200/OFF) - two payments $575

(13 - 1 hour lessons + 3 monthly masterclasses, 1 Cabaret show)

THREE-PAYMENT OPTION - $1,185 ($165/OFF) - three payments $395

(13 - 1 hour lessons + 3 monthly masterclasses, 1 Cabaret show)

  • Vocal Technique - across the spectrum of vocal styles
  • Song Interp - Acting for Singers
  • Repertoire/Monologue Development
  • AGT-The Voice-American Idol-Broadway Audition Prep-Coaching Actors/Singers
  • Marketing-Self Tape Coaching - Actors/Singers
  • 3 - 3-hour Masterclasses included
  • Cabaret Act Consulting-Coaching
  • Cabaret Show at Miceli's Pizza-Pasta-Grill included

Refund Policy

For those paying in full, pro-rated refunds are issued only before the first four weeks of the session for future services not rendered. For those choosing the two or three payment options, the full session is your commitment. Cherilyn provides payment options to make the experience more affordable for those who are on limited budgets. 

In context of the uniqueness of this program, Cherilyn  must have a minimum of 4 students attending a masterclass to make it an effective learning experience.  She pays one of  L.A.’s finest pianists by the hour to accompany you during the classes and also for the Cabaret Show at the end of the session.  Miceli’s Restaurant requires a minimum reservation, which amounts to six performers minimum in order to present a great Cabaret Show.  Your commitment is not only to yourself, but to others who are also committed to this program. 

Pro-rated refunds for services not rendered after the first four weeks will be issued only due to unexpected long-distance moves or extended medical conditions that prevent the student from continuing. 

Cherilyn has been teaching children, teens and adults and producing shows (including in Broadway spaces)  for 40+ years. This is a 13-week commitment guaranteed to be a valuable learning experience. 

Lessons may be made up within the month they have been scheduled.

For more information or to schedule a FREE in-person or virtual video consultation, contact: Cherilyn Bacon at

Have an AWESOMELY UNBELIEVABLE Winter 2021! Choose from three packages ... or A la Carte .

WINTER 2021-2022 DISCOVERY TRACK PACKAGE 13 - 45 Minute Weekly Private Lessons, 2 Masterclasses

13 weeks - November 29, 2021 to February 27, 2022
$ 1,075
This package gives you 13 weekly 45-minute lessons.


1. You love to sing or act (or you're a parent of a child who loves it) but you're not sure about going PRO. You're in the exploration stage, eager to discover who you want to be and where your abilities and passions can meet!

2. You're a singer or actor that does not have a professional career as the immediate goal at this time, but you want to learn to sing with excellent technique for enjoyment, leaving the PRO option open.
3. You have been told you can't sing or act, you have absolutely no confidence, and it may include being terribly shy. You have a strong desire to conquer these fears.
The Masterclass is optional and requires additional tuition. One masterclass during this session is encouraged.

                   TUITION DISCOUNT OPTIONS!!!


(13 - 45 minute lessons)

TWO-PAYMENT OPTION - $1,020 ($55/OFF) -  $510 - 2x

(13 - 45 minute lessons)

THREE-PAYMENT OPTION - $1,050 ($25/OFF) - $350 - 3x
(13 - 45 minute lessons)


  • Vocal Technique - across the spectrum of vocal styles
  • Song Interp - Acting for Singers
  • Optional Three 3-Hour Masterclasses (additional fee)

Exploratory Track Package

Still unsure? Try it out ... 5 - 1 hour lessons commitment to get started!
$ 425

This "starter" package is for the beginning student, unfamiliar with music, typically a child or teen hesitant to commit to the full PRO or DISCOVERY TRACK session. It takes about five lessons to become familiar with the journey and to know whether you like music, singing or acting, and to know you have found a qualified teacher. If you're an adult or already familiar with music, you may choose to take one lesson at the full price listed below.


$90/per lesson pre-paid before each lesson
  • Intro to singing or acting technique
  • Introduction to song - theatrical styles - voice placement
  • Introduction to repertoire

Group Lesson - minimum 4 students

1 hour - especially for kids just learning how to sing or siblings in a family
$ 50 1 hour
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Vocalise
  • Quick Review - Song Interpretation
  • New Material Selection

Private Lesson - Coaching

3o minutes
$ 60 30 minutes
  • Quick Vocalise
  • Song Review or New Song Selection

Private Lesson

45 minutes
$ 90 45 minutes
  • Vocalise
  • Song Review or New Song Selection

Private Lesson

$ 120 1 hour
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Vocalise
  • Song Review & Interpretation Coaching
  • New Song Selection


Required for Private Students - Minimum 5 students
$ 150 3 Hour Monthly
  • Song Review
  • Song Interpretation
  • Performance-Critique

What You Get with these AMAZING Packages...and Beyond!

Answers to the most frequently asked questions…or the questions you should be asking!

Why am I seeing such a wide range of pricing among voice teachers?

In three words:  Experience.  Reputation.  Marketing.

During my years in New York City, I met with many voice teachers, some of renown reputations and rates that matched it.  I chose a voice teacher that knew technique and had many years’ experience, and was on the conservatory faculty at Circle in the Square, yet was reasonably priced. 

I asked him the same question.  He gave me a revealing response:  “There are at least 50 great voice teachers in NYC.  A competent teacher may have been charging modest rates for years, but when a celebrity walks through the door, suddenly that teacher is the ‘BEST’ in town, especially when they ask the celebrity to give them an endorsement, and they start charging top of the line rates.”  Today that’s $450/hour or higher. 

I’d like to share an additional observation: A teacher can be teaching time-honored techniques for years when a new teacher comes along and repackages it and markets the heck of it as their “own,” and they make a fortune at it.  

I receive a lot of phone calls.  Sometimes the caller starts with the question “How much do you charge?  I respond: What’s your goal? Do you want a cheap rate from an inexperienced teacher or whatever it costs to hire an experienced teacher?  The results will reflect this choice. So let me start with my philosophy:

  1. We all need to make enough to pay the bills.

  2. You pay for what you get. A good teacher will need to offset the time spent outside of the lesson to customize and research for repertoire building and find performance opportunities and network and market for the students. A teacher that charges a low rate will not have the time to do all of this.  Time is money. 

  3. Experience.  I’ve been around a long time.  Experience is an understatement at my age. 

  4. Reputation. As for reputation, I’ve always received the highest ratings from my students at the college and secondary school level, as well as from my private students and the students at Circle in the Square Theatre School where I developed what is now the musical theatre summer program.

  5. But most of all I love what I do.  I am a working actress/singer who also loves working with children and teenagers, as well as adults.  It gives me a great sense of reward to give back and to teach them what I’ve learned and to watch them experience breakthroughs along their unique journeys.

  6. I teach with passion and energy.  I’m here to help you become the best singer you can be, to discover who you are and where you may want to take your well-earned talent.  If you can’t afford voice lessons and I see you have extraordinary skills and you have a strong desire to succeed and will work your guts out to achieve it, I will work with you and we will find a budget that fits.

  7. And so…although I’ve got the experience and reputation to charge higher rates, I’ve decided to make my expertise more accessible because the rich and famous do not hold a monopoly on talent and skill.  Talent is usually earned, not inborn, and it comes in all colors, ethnicities, genders, sizes, ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.  I’d hate to be turning that away. 

  8. You’re never too old to begin.  

What kind of Vocal Technique do you teach?

I teach styles across the spectrum from rock to opera.  Foundational technique is common to all styles.  Once that is learned, then we can modify the technique according to the unique qualities of the style.  

But my question to you is this: What’s your goal?  Do you want to be a winner on America’s Got Talent, The Voice or American Idol?  Or do you want to do Broadway?  Or do you want to sing with a choral group or just for the fun of it? 

We will create a plan unique to your needs and goals. In general, we’ll build strong breath control, the foundation of all healthy singing, regardless of vocal style. Improve articulation, solidify tone, expand range, strengthen mix, blend breaks, eliminate bad habits, repair damage.   

What’s the difference between Private Voice and Coaching

Private lessons are technique -focused and recommended for any individual whose goal is to perform solo or in ensembles, either amateur or professional.  

Coaching provides additional techniques for audition and performance prep, including for solo acts, plus arrangements that enhance your strengths.  I use techniques of Broadway’s and contemporary commercial music’s best. 

I go beyond technique to explore the character and to review the context of the show. We will have opportunities to select the best songs for the singer and audition song/s for the role.

I have received permission from David Craig’s protege, Sara Louise Lazarus, to teach his unique song style and interpretation techniques for character development and song performance. I work with you to expand repertoire and build a powerful audition book that will show the casting directors the best of who you are.  

Do you coach students who need self – tapes? (Pro-Track only)

Absolutely! It’s the industry standard for professional singer-actors. I have many years’ experience as a commercial actor and producer, off and on camera. 

I’ve also cast and produced several concerts and shows and have auditioned countless performers for over 40 years. 

We will work together to prepare a a professional quality vocal or acting monologue self-tape.  For an additional fee, I will accompany you on location  to direct you through your video.  

Do you provide studio singing and voice-over technique? 

Yes!  I’m well-qualified to train in studio technique.  I began recording in studios many years ago.  The animation company Hanna-Barbera offered a voice-over job for the trio I sang with for the 1970’s cartoon series “Josie and the Pussy Cats.” 

I have since sung on commercials and recorded music CD’s and narration for videos and concerts in major markets and even impersonated a child’s voice once when in the studio when the child didn’t show up.    

Are virtual voice lessons effective and which platform is best – ZOOM – GOOGLE MEET – FACETIME – SKYPE FOR Online Distance Learning Lessons? (All plans)

While they are not as perfect as IN PERSON,  FACETIME and ZOOM/Google Meet technologies are excellent, higher quality than Skype, and FREE.  Many professional singers take their lessons online while on tour all over the world.  

Online private lessons are amazingly effective, especially when out of town or on tour, or too far from my studio.  I have been offering state of the art high speed Internet and video technology for best quality audio/video since 2010. 

FACETIME offers better audio syncing than ZOOM one-on-one, but ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET offer better audio quality than FACETIME and can handle groups. Both are more stable than SKYPE.  I will use the platform of your preference depending on your Internet stability, speed and connection. 

What are the advantages of virtual voice lessons?

1. Most auditions are now online and require self-tapes.  Using video conference technology is a valuable experience and will help you create a superior final product. 

2. Internet video singing lessons are an excellent way to avoid the time and expense of heavy traffic, to accommodate long distance students, and to enjoy training in the privacy of your own home. 

3. Professionals on tour use FaceTime to stay in touch with their teachers and coaches.

Why do you offer group lessons? (A la Carte only)

Group lessons are recommended for  beginners or for children and their parents in the exploratory phase of choosing interests and developing skills and who will be more comfortable in a group setting. 

If you or your child considers voice lessons to be a second choice to sports or other interests, the group lesson is a more economical initial investment.  Minimum: 4 students.  As of this update, Group Lessons are on HOLD because of COVID-19, but when we can meet in groups again, I will open up groups by geographical region.

What are Master Classes and why are they required? (Pro-Track required, Optional for other plans)

Monthly master classes are different from group lessons.  They are mandatory for Pro-Track students because Master Class setting is an invaluable experience as peers observe each other perform and watch me coach them.  It removes them from the private voice studio setting.  Suddenly what they thought they knew and could perform privately, typically unravels temporarily.

Each student receives one-on-one attention in front of this peer audience and receives essential feedback from me.  They are then able to take the suggestions, make the adjustments, and try again.  It’s not easy to do this in front of others, but there is nothing  as valuable for preparing for the real world of performance than the Master Class!  We sometimes learn more from watching others than from even doing it ourselves.  But the combination is powerful. 

Minimum: 4 students

Do you provide college entrance audition preparation? (Pro-Track only)

Yes!  Consultation is available for submissions, selection of appropriate audition material,  recording the demo and resume development.  For an additional fee, I will attend the recording session to coach you.

Can you help me with a YouTube music video or demo? (Pro-Track only)

Of course! It’s now the industry standard to post videos of your work, and not just “self-tapes,” either for your agent- manager or for your own blog or web site. 

I mentioned my studio experience above. My experience directing high-quality video demos, commercials has given me the practical experience to teach on camera techniques for singers. 

The fee for a video project is determined on a project basis. Please email to arrange an in-studio or video conference call appointment.

Do you provide direction for recording an album or to create a Cabaret or solo act? (Pro-Track only)

Yes.  I will advise you with whatever your career goals as a singer-actor may be. 

I’ve performed several solo acts myself, working with some of the industry’s finest directors, especially cabaret in NYC. 

My experience will guide you using a powerful success formula for a memorable act that’s uniquely yours. 

Coaching and direction is available for the professional or amateur recording or performing artist, for commercial or demo, or for solo or Cabaret act preparation.

The fee is determined on a project basis. Please email to arrange an in-studio or video conference call appointment.

Lesson Requirements (All plans)

In studio lessons:

  • Recording device (cell phone, audio or video recorder)
  • Music
  • Three ring binder – copies of original music for mark up
  • Plastic sheet protectors – non glare
  • Pencil – for marking music and note taking
  • Plastic sipping straw
  • Small coffee straw stirrer
  • Balloon
  • Bottle filled with room temp water

Virtual Video Lesson Requirements

(In addition to the in studio requirements)

  • High speed Internet connection
  • Video camera or webcam – audio and video enabled
  • FaceTime app on iPhone or android equivalent
  • Download App or Google Meet on cell phone, iPad or computer
  • Have two sources of audio (e.g. cell phone and lap top)
  • Unless I provide you a song, email to me a digital copy of music you choose in advance of lesson
  • Full length mirror, so I can see you full length