Choose from the following lesson plans that best fit your budget and goals.
INCREDIBLE COVID GIVEAWAY discounts on all original pricing for the Fall Session 2020.
Contact me to discuss your individual needs and we will find a plan that works! or text 818-220-6337 
Glendale – NoHo – TO – Camarillo – or Online Facetime – Zoom

Have an Fall! Choose from two packages.

Private Lessons - Coaching

1 hour every 2 weeks for 16 weeks
$ 680 16 week Fall Package August 16 - December 12, 2020 20% Discount includes 8 lessons (one every 2 weeks - 2 payment plan available
  • Vocal Technique
  • Song Interp
  • Repertoire Development

Private Lessons-Coaching

1 hour weekly for 16-week package
$ 1280 16 week Summer Package August 16-December 12, 2020 20% discount includes 16 technique-coaching lessons plus $40 each for 4 - 2-3 hour master classes and 1 end of session Cabaret Concert - payment plans available
  • Vocal Technique
  • Song Interp
  • Monologue
  • Create 1 Vocal and 1 Acting Monologue Self-Tape

Group Lesson - minimum 2 students

1 hour
$ 45 1 hour
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Vocalise
  • Quick Review - Song Interpretation
  • New Material Selection

Private Lesson

3o minutes
$ 75 30 minutes
  • Quick Vocalise
  • Song Review or New Song Selection

Private Lesson

45 minutes
$ 80 45 minutes
  • Quick Body Relaxation
  • Quick Vocalise
  • Song Review or New Song Selection

Private Lesson

$ 90 1 hour
  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Vocalise
  • Song Review & Interpretation Coaching
  • New Song Selection

Master Class

$ 40 2-3 Hour Monthly
  • Song Review
  • Song Interpretation
  • Performance-Critique

What You Get with this 2020 Fall Session


The session begins the week of August 16, 2020 and ends December 12, 2020.  Holidays and Thanksgiving Week are OFF.  You can choose from TWO plans: weekly or bi-weekly (every other week)

—  1 hour every 2 weeks for 16 weeks (8 lessons) OR

—  1 hour weekly (16 lessons), plus 4 monthly master classes and 1 Cabaret Concert.  For those that are on a professional track and desire it, coaching for two self-tapes (a song and a monologue) are included. The Cabaret Concert features all students who choose to perform and will include a final critique.

–Both choices are onsite or online or a hybrid – your preference.

Vocal Technique Goals

We will create a plan unique to your needs and goals. In general, we’ll build strong breath control, the foundation of all healthy singing, regardless of vocal style. Improve articulation, solidify tone, expand range, strengthen mix, blend breaks, eliminate bad habits, repair damage.   

Private Voice Lessons

Private lessons are recommended for individuals whose goal is to perform solo or in ensembles, either amateur or professional.  

Coaching Lessons

Learn the audition and performance techniques of Broadway’s best.  Explore the character and review the context of the show and select the best audition song/s for the role. Use song style and interpretation techniques for character development and song performance. Expand repertoire and build audition book.  

Self – Tapes

I will help you create a professional quality vocal or acting self-tape.

ZOOM or FACETIME Online Distance Learning Lessons

Yes!  Online private lessons are very effective and do work.  I have been offering state of the art high speed Internet and video technology for best quality audio/video since 2010. 

FACETIME offers better audio syncing than ZOOM, but ZOOM offers better audio quality than FACETIME, but both are more stable than SKYPE. 

Internet video singing lessons are also an excellent way to avoid the time and expense of heavy traffic, to accommodate long distance students, and to enjoy training in the privacy of your own home.  It is an excellent platform for ear training for pitch perfection.  Professionals on tour also use Internet video lessons to stay in touch with their teachers and coaches.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are recommended for the recreational singer and for beginners or for children and their parents in the exploratory phase of choosing interests and skills to develop.   If you or your child considers voice lessons to be a second choice to sports or other interests, the group lesson is a more economical initial investment.  Minimum: 4 students

Master Classes

Monthly master classes are different from group lessons.  They are mandatory for professional/performance track students.  The Master Class is an invaluable experience to watch other peers perform and to watch Cherilyn work with them, as well as to have your turn to perform in front of this peer audience and to receive essential feedback from Cherilyn with this unique one-on-one coaching opportunity for each participant present.  There is nothing like it for learning! Minimum: 4 students

College Entrance Preparation

Consultation is available for submission, selection of appropriate audition material, recording the demo and resume development.

On Camera Training – YouTube Demos

Cherilyn has experience creating high quality video demos and teaches on camera techniques for singers.  Fee is determined on a project basis. Please email to arrange an in-studio or video conference call appointment.

Recording-Studio Production – Cabaret/Solo Act Creation

Coaching and direction is available for the professional or amateur recording or performing artist, for commercial or demo, or for solo or Cabaret act preparation. Fee is determined on a project basis. Please email to arrange an in-studio or video conference call appointment.

Lesson Requirements

In studio lessons:

  • Recording device (cell phone, audio or video recorder)
  • Music
  • Three ring binder – copies of original music for mark up
  • Plastic sheet protectors – non glare
  • Pencil – for marking music and note taking
  • Plastic sipping straw
  • Small coffee straw stirrer
  • Balloon
  • Bottle filled with room temp water

ZOOM Internet Video Lessons

(In addition to the in studio requirements)

  • High speed Internet connection
  • Video camera or webcam – audio and video enabled
  • Download App on cell phone, iPad or computer
  • Email digital copy of music in advance of lesson


  • Smartphone with Facetime app
  • I will call to start your Facetime lesson

Do Internet Lessons Really Work?

While they are not as perfect as IN PERSON,  FACETIME and ZOOM technologies are excellent, higher quality than Skype, FREE and have better encryption.  Many professional singers take their lessons online while on tour all over the world.  All you need is a smart phone, or HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION, a video camera or webcam (most computers have this technology)s.

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